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Milka & Oreo 100g Bar

Boy have we struggled to get this bar for you. For an extra special product sourcing project like this we set up a dossier and give the project its own pet name. This one we called "Project Mooreo".

We love candy brand mash-ups here at Cybercandy, and ever since we heard about Milka Oreo we've been utterly betwitched and obsessed with getting our hands on it. The Milka brand screams "Europe" and the Oreo brand cheers "USA" and put them together what a fine looking bar"!

The gorgeous taste of Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate filled with creamy "stuf" flavoured filling and randomly and generously studded with Dark Oreo crunchy bits
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Milka & Oreo 100g Bar
Enlarge Milka & Oreo 100g Bar