Tru Blood: All flavour. No bite.

Salute! Candy Amigos,

I may be talking a lot about soda just recently, but that’s because we’re all so super-excited about the massive range that’s just landed across our six stores, and of course on our special new website. Today though, it’s time to introduce a soda that’s been a long time coming! Oh, yes! A vamptastic soda straight from the heart of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Drum roll please! Tru Blood.

I’ll say it again, just because it sounds so cool.

Tru Blood!

There. Not quite out of my system yet, but that’s helped a lot.

Obviously, it’s not actual blood as I’m pretty sure that’s not an acceptable thing to do around these parts. It’s also not really the Japanese-engineered synthesised blood that features in the show either, although there’s no harm in pretending, right? Tru Blood is a carbonated blood-orange flavoured soda of deliciousness, sweetened with cane sugar for that sugary tang, and packed with vitamin B3 and B12 as a natural invigorator. It’s got a little poke of caffeine in there too for that extra lift.

The bottle is crafted to be an exact replica of Vampire Bill’s favourite tipple, even down the blood type printed on the labelling. What’s more, we’re selling the red delicious in both glass and plastic versions. There’s a 4-pack available too, in a branded carry pack so you can stock up on your O-Positive and drink ’til your heart’s content. Unlike the Tru Blood featured in the show though, I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to heat them up and drink them warm, in fact they are much better poured over ice. However, if you’re feeling extra vamped up, why not try a unique cocktail of something a little stronger, with a Tru Blood base:

Death on the Beach: Tru Blood, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, vodka
Plasmapolitan: Tru Blood, Citron, Cointreau, fresh lime juice

Talking of Sookie, Vampire Bill and Eric (I know I wasn’t, but I should have been), you may have seen the post on our Facebook wall on Thursday of last week, offering up a sneaky preview of the forthcoming series five of the hit HBO show, which premiers in the US in June. In case you missed it, here it is again. Enjoy!

Remember: Friends don’t let friends drink friends. Now there’s Tru Blood, you won’t have to!

‘til next week , keep being sweet!

One thought on “Tru Blood: All flavour. No bite.

  1. In the end, it’s just a tangy orange soda. The iirgednents are similar, the main difference is a blood orange flavor and caffeine. XD The bottle only states that the product is not intended for any ailment (and has not been screened by the FDA). It perfectly safe for consumption XD

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