Buon giorno Candy Friends,

Last week I mentioned that we’re bringing in over 200 new lines of soda to the Cybercandy kingdom. By now, some of them would have landed in your favourite Cybercandy store, and of course we’re loading them all up to our rather fabulous new website so you can fill your baskets with sweet fizzy pop. Oh, yum! It’s gonna be liquid heaven in a real glass bottle.

So, who writes up these descriptions of deliciousness for the Cybercandy website, I hear you ask? It must be an awesome job. Well, that it is. As the Underlord of all things Candy, it’s my job to put on my research hat, scour every corner of the internet and bring you the information you need to make your sodalicious choices. I probably have the coolest job in the world! Yay!

Dudes of Thirstiness…
As you can imagine, writing up descriptions for over 200 sodas (241 to be exact) has kept me out of trouble from dusk ‘til dawn over the last few weeks. During my journey across the inter web I’ve come across some amazing information on some pretty cool websites that I didn’t know existed until just recently. Thirsty Dudes is one such site. Run by three, erm… thirsty dudes… Jason, Derek and Mike, who have reviewed the good, the bad and the ugly of over 2000 soft drinks! Now that’s a lot of bubbles, juice and calories. But at least they’re hydrated. The Thirsty Dudes are my new favourite trio of geeky coolness. Fact.

Do I have favourites? Why yes, yes I do…
I couldn’t possibly write up this many soda descriptions without having a couple of favourites and it would be rude if I didn’t share them with you, right? See, there are some benefits of reading the Cybercandy blog, and make sure you keep reading too as plenty more gems may well be revealed in the coming weeks! If you don’t know which of our new soda’s to try first, then let me help you out…

Have you got the BAWLS?
Hehe. We all love BAWLS soda at the Cybercandy castle, no matter what the flavour. The exoticness is the biggest draw, not to mention the awesome packaging. Hats off to the BAWLS soda marketing people, especially for the bottles that look like they should contain some harder stuff like…hmm… Archers schnapps for instance. Wow, do you remember that? I wonder if they still make it…

It’s also made with some pretty exotic ingredients – BAWLS that is, not Archers. The caffeine is derived from the Guarana berry, a tasty fruit about the size of a blueberry that’s found deep in the South American Amazon. Pretty cool, huh?

BAWLS is probably the iconic drink for all you caffeine addicts. Plus, it has an awesome name. Do you have the BAWLS to give it a try?

The best Buckin’ Root Beer in the whole dang country!
Okay, so, if you’ve always wanted to give root beer a try, or if you’re already a root beer fan, then this is the one for you. Buckin’ root beer has even won awards for its delicious root-beeriness. Uhuh. True that. To top it all off, it just looks great doesn’t it? A real old-fashioned glass bottle with a super-cool label. Plus, this root beer is drunk by real life, horse-ridin’, chaps-wearin’ cowboys!

Give it a try with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a delicious float. Yum!

Capone family secrets…
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this brand on the list. I love a bit of history with my candy, it makes it all the yummier somehow, like a candy/history sandwich.

What could possibly be trendier than a brand of drinks invented by the family of Al Capone!

The coolest gangster of the 1920’s notoriously got on the wrong side of the law with his moonshine business in the midst of American prohibition, and rumour has it that the Feds raided Capone’s warehouses 137 times looking for illegal booze. Not that they found it of course. All they found was a stash of soda made with the Capone secret family recipe. Now you can taste it too!

Don’t worry if you can’t find what you’re looking on our website of wonder just yet as we’ve not finished loading everything up. Keep your eyes open though, and come back regularly. Also, you can leave us a comment here or on our Facebook page and we’ll do our best to help you out.

‘til next week my lovelies, keep being sweet!

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