Lick the Rainbow

Hola Candy Fans,

Let’s talk about Skittles…

Skittles (Sport): A time honoured old English lawn game mostly played on a fine spring day by moustachioed gents in bowler hats and ladies in big frilly knickers.

Oh no.

Skittles (Confectionery): A rainbow taste explosion of fruity juiciness.

Mhmm. That’s the one.

In case you haven’t noticed, we love Skittles in Cybercandy land, oh yes we do. And we also love lots of YouTube goodness.

Skittles + YouTube = a laugh-out-loud taste sensation.

Fact. Now there’s a maths equation you can take to the bank.

Recently, BBDO Toronto have made some fabulous follow up’s to last years ridiculously awesome  Skittles ‘Touch’ campaign, which won an award at the Cannes film festival. The Canadian ad campaign was so successful that they’re back again with even more weirdness. One of our absolute favourites from the new series of five, is Dr. Cyclops. I, for one, laughed so hard that I nearly fell off my bean bag. Take a look…

Other ads in the new series include a (very wrong) werewolf baby, a tennis-playing brain-eating zombie, a  Sasquatch and a princess. I promise you, each one makes you feel just a tiny bit ‘unclean’.

We love the new ads and the Skittles/YouTube combination so much that we’ve searched out some other weird and wonderful Skittles commercials to share with you.

So kick off those shoes, put your feet up on the desk, sit back and enjoy.

Spread the love, taste the rainbow. Skittletastic!

’til next week, keep being sweet.

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