Keep Being Sweet!

Welcome Candy Lovers,

Who loves candy? We love candy!

Your eyes don’t deceive you; this really is the very first Cybercandy blog post. Since we’re focussing on putting the cyber back into Cybercandy, what better way to kick off than with an introduction to our sparkly new site!

We think it looks awesome, but of course we would.  What really matters is what you think. So let me show you around…

Firstly, we have a new 21st Century design that harnesses our inner coolness. Yay! After six years of our old loyal site servicing our sweet customers from Taunton to Tennessee, we’ve traded it in for a trendy new model that we hope you love as much as we do. You can still fill your baskets with as much deliciousness as you like, but we’ve made searching for your favourite treats a little simpler and a lot more fun. Shop by brand, category, country or pop culture – however you do it, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for.

Keep being trendy…

The ‘Popular Candy’ sidebar is new too. This shows what our customers are buying the most of, and more importantly, what’s trending right now! See something there that you haven’t tried before? Then it’s time to find out what the others are raving about. Keep on roaming because the basket cloud (at the top of the screen) follows you around, even if you navigate to a different page. Cool, huh?

The scrolling bar of wonder…

Notice the big scrolling bar at the top of the screen? This is where we’ll show off our best deals, hottest new arrivals and general candilicious offers. If you’re stuck for inspiration then keep an eye on it whenever you visit the site.

Join the club…

If you’re not yet one of our growing number of over 17,500 Facebook followers, then hop on over and join the club. Each of our stores at Birmingham, Brighton, Camden, Covent Garden, Islington and Shoreditch have their own Facebook pages too! What’s more, we’re on Twitter (oh yes we are) @CyberCandyLTD

The info bit…

We can’t believe that you don’t know who we are, but you may not know where we’ve come from. For a bit of background story stuff, info on your delivery or stock availability then  just click the links at the bottom of the site. You can also sign up for our newsletters and read the Cybercandy newspaper right here, for exclusive goodness hot off the press.

‘til next week, keep being sweet!

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