Elise Etc.: Cybercandy-Inspired Nail Art

When I was asked to create some nail art designs based on Cybercandy’s range of sweets, drinks and treats I was excited to take on the challenge! Although nail inspiration can be found anywhere, I have created and tried out a lot of designs in the past, none of which have really been inspired by food, so the idea of filling an entire wheel was quite daunting at first.

After having a little browse of the Cybercandy website, I was luckily able to find lots of inspiration to paint what turned out to be a wheel of quite varied colours, textures and patterns. To complete the wheel I used a mixture of tools and techniques – and around 30 different nail polishes! My favourite design is probably the first Aether Cola steampunk design, due to the mixed textures and matte finish, or the detailed Cybercandy rocket. Although the project took a lot of time I’m glad I accepted the challenge, and I hope it will inspire others to create some bold and unusual art of their own.

Baking Beardy: Chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Mixing in the ReesesI admit it, I am obsessed with Reeses.  I love them.  So when Cybercandy wanted to explore about baking with one of their products, I pretty much begged them to let me make a cupcake out of Reeses products!  Luckily for me, they said yes and I set about coming up with a recipe which would perfectly highlight the chocolate peanut buttery goodness.

Adapted from the basic Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook vanilla cupcake recipe, once I finished baking them, I couldn’t help but eat three of them.  They’re absolutely delicious, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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Video Games and Cybercandy!

As many of you may already know, playing video games is hard work, but we do a lot of it at AppGamer.net and TheJoypads.co.uk and there’s nothing we like more than fuelling this with candy and soda from Cybercandy.

I was delighted when Cybercandy sent me some new items test in order to fuel my gaming habit and guest blog on this site.  I’ve been a fan of Cybercandy for quite some time and love their mystery parcels and Japanese candy but, as an avid gamer, it’s their sodas which caught my eye.

Any gaming soda worth its salt should have a fair amount of caffeine or sugar to keep you gaming longer. Mountain Dew is the usual staple of many a late night session, but that might all change now I’ve tasted the Miami-made BAWLS.  Not only does BAWLS Guarana fit that bill perfectly, but it looks like something Master Chief might be seen with if he ever took that helmet off long enough to drink from a bottle. It also contains Fructose Corn Syrup, which Mountain Dew fans will recognise as the ingredient which gives the US drink its unique flavour over the UK’s energy version.

With the sugar out of the way, how about something salty? Or perhaps some chocolate?  If you can’t decide, then M&Ms might just have the answer. M&Ms suit my gaming snack needs because they’re small and easy to chuck into my mouth without the need to pause the action. 

With M&M Pretzel, they’ve now managed to combine one of my favourite chocolate snacks with something a bit more savoury and the fusion results in something pretty special.  Just the thing for having by your side while shooting soldiers in Assassin’s Creed III (you can read our review of the game right here) or trying to catch those annoying Pigtroopers in the new Angry Birds Star Wars without having to put your iPhone or Android down.

The M&Ms Pretzel packs are sharing size too, so if you’re playing with friends on Co-Op Halo 4 or just letting them show off their driving skills in Forza Horizon, they’re perfect for multiplayer.

You can check out more gaming news on both TheJoypads.co.uk and the iOS and Android site AppGamer.net.

Written by Paul Byron

Miss Articulate & Cybercandy at MCM!

I attended the London MCM Expo this year and was also fortunate enough to be Cybercandy’s official Vlogger for the event. For this I was given a bag of sweets from across the globe and sent out to distribute them and film opinions of those who were willing to try them! This was somewhat awkward as walking up to a stranger and asking them to try some candy is on par with telling them you have a van out back full of puppies but it seems that most of those who attended were very trusting of the strange girl approaching them in a top hat with sweets in hand!

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Cybercandy Camden has a new sign!

When you think of Camden, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? The bustling Camden Lock markets with more than 150,000 visitors a week? The colour, music, comedy, street performers, food, shops or the canal?

What you may not know, is right in the heart of Camden’s beautiful insanity is Cybercandy. Turn left after the canal and we are on the right at the end of the first yard, past the Hemp shop, next to Chaboba. How Camden!

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